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In 2002
On May 22, 2002, Holtop was founded,HOLTOP brand energy recovery ventilator launched in the market.
In 2003
During the SARS period, Holtop provided fresh air ventilator equipment for Xiaotangshan SARS hospital, Navy General Hospital, etc hospitals, and was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award to Fighting SARS issued by the Beiiing municipal government.
In 2004
Holtop Rotary Heat Exchanger products launched in the market.
In 2005
Holtop factory expanded to 30,000sqm and was certificated ISO9001 quality management system certification.
In 2006
Holtop heat recovery air handling units launched in the market. Holtop has set up branch sales offices in Shanghai, Tianjin,etc areas, Holtop started to establish a sales network covering the whole country.
In 2007
Holtop was participated in the compilation of the national standard of "Air to Air Energy Recovery Units" ; Provided fresh air ventilation system equipment for Beijing Olympic Games venues, bicycle hall of Laoshan, judo Hall of university of science and technology, fencing hall of National Convention Center, Qingdao Olympic Sailing stadium,etc.
In 2008
Holtop built the national authorized enthalpy lab and certified by the national air conditioning quality supervision and inspection center.
In 2009
Holtop supplied energy recovery ventilation system equipment to the Shanghai World Expo Center etc 15 venues of World Expo, Guangzhou Tower and other venues of Guangzhou Asian Games, main venues of Shandong National Games and tennis hall,etc.
In 2010
Holtop built 18 areas sales and service offices sales network covers the whole country. Obtained the "National Industrial Product Production License"
In 2011
Holtop was certified by ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
In 2012
Holtop achieved great success in provide customized AHU products on Automobile industry field by working with Mercedes Benz, BMW,Ford,etc. Holtop rotary heat exchanger certificated by Eurovent. The whole series of Holtop energy recovery ventilator products certified by" Construction Engineering Energy Saving Products Certification".
In 2013
Holtop invested and started build new production base covering an area of 40,000㎡ in Beijing Badaling Economic Development Zone.
In 2014
Holtop joined China Air Purification Industry Alliance and China Fresh Air Industry Alliance, Holtop was approved by SGS in the certification renewal audit of the ISO three management systems.
In 2015
Holtop officially started use the group management mode operation; Holtop Badaling manufacturing base, the largest production base of heat recovery products in China, was officially put into use; Holtop obtained two national invention patents; Holtop was participated in the compilation of the national standard of "Air to Air Heat Exchange Unit for Unit Ventilation and Air Conditioning System", the standard was promulgated and implemented.
In 2016
Holtop was awarded "Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise"
Holtop achieved great success in Geely Belarus automobile workshop air conditioning project. Holtop household fresh air purification products obtained two national patents. Holtop group was participated in the compilation of "Fresh Air Purifier" and "Technical Specification for Civil Building Fresh Air System Engineering" Standards, it had been promulgated and implemented.
In 2017
Holtop was awarded "National High-Tech Enterprise": Holtop household Eco-Clean Series fresh air purification system ERV launched in the market.
In 2018
Holtop Environmental Protection Company was awarded "National High-Tech Enterprise", "Holtop Science and Technology Park" has been put into use.
In 2019
Holtop self-developed DX type heat recovery air purification AHUs launched in the market.
In 2020
During COVID-19 epidemic period, Holtop jointly donating fresh air equipment together with Zhong Nanshan foundation, provided fresh air system solution for Wuhan shelter hospital.